Jubilee Prayer (Akam Jubilee)


Abasi andikeme ndinam kpukpru mkpo ye Ette Obong nnyin Jesus Christ. Nnyin imedi itiene fi ye itoro ye ekom ke mme ediwak eno ye mfon emi afo onode nnyin. Ke mme ini emi ebede afo ama ono mme asuan etop iko abasi edi k’isong nnyin, onyung eberede esit mme ette-ette nnyin man mmo ebo unwana Eti mbuk fo. Afo ama odiong mmo ye ata okposong mbuotidem ke afo ye ke Eyen fo Jesus Christ. Nnyin imokom inyung itoro fi ke mbuotidem mmo, emi nko ke oyoho esit ima, mmo ekeyakde eno nnyin ke eyo nnyin emi.

Ke mfonido ye ima fo, afo ama ono nnyin Ikot Ekpene Diocese, ndien ke isua aba ye duop emi, afo omodiong nnyin onyung omum nnyi akama. Nnyin imokom fi ke mbuotidem emi ekese owo, iren, iban ye mkparawa nnyin enyenede ke afo. Imokom fi ke mme ediwak eno ye ukeme emi afo onode nnyin, imonyung ikom fi ke ikoot emi afo okotde ediwak ndito nnyin ndidi mme oku Abasi, ye mme sister ye mme mmo eken eyakde idem mmo ofri ofri esin ke utom fo; imokom fi nko ke mme ediwak edidiong eken emi afo onode nnyin emi nnyin mmikemeke ndiat.


Nte nnyin idiade usoro isua aba ye duop tongo nte ekenam Diocese nnyin, nnyin imofiok mmemidem nnyin, ye mme mkpo eke anade nnyin k’iso. Nnyin imenyime ite nnyin imanam ediwak idioknkpo idue fi ye kiet eken. Ke nsuoridem, nnyin imebenge fi ndidaharede nno nnyin ke mme ndudue emi. Doing nnyin ye esit akpaniko, nyung doing nko kpukpru udong nnyin man enehede asana akpan akpan ke kpukpru se nnyin inamde ye kiet eken,  nyung nwam nnyin ndinam uduak fo kpukpru ini. Nno nnyin inyene mfonido ye ata ima ke ndinam mkpo nno fi.

No Edisana Spirit esok kpukpru mme mmo emi ekarade nnyin, ndida mmo usung, nyung doing mmo ye ifiok ye odudu. Ke mbom fo, da emem fo doing Ikot nnyin ye isong nnyin, nyung nam se ubok nnyin otukde oworo usung. Da ima fo emi oyohode ye mbom, kpeme Bishop nnyin, mme oku Abasi, mme sister, ye kpukpru mmo eke eyakde idem mmo eno fi ke asanga sanga usung, akpan akpan k’ukeme emi mmo enamde ndidi ntiense nno Christ ke edu uwem ye ke utom mmo. Nte kpukpru nnyin ke Ikot Ekpene Diocese inwanade ndidi ntense nno fi ke sio nsio utom nnyin, nnyin imebenge fi ke ntongo isua jubilee emi tutu aka iso, ndinam nnyin inehede inam emem ye afo ye kiet eken inyung ikabarede idi unwana ererimbot ye inung isong.

Ke akwa mbom fo, nno kpukpru mme mmo emi ekedide Diocese emi ndisuan etop iko Abasi nsinsi uwem, nte mme oku Abasi, mme sister, brother, catechists ye mme ndito eka nnyin iren ye iban emi ekenamde mkpo eno fi ke Diocese emi ke eyo uwem mmo ke edisana ye esit akpaniko. Edisana Mary Eka Abasi, ndisana Apostle Philip ye James, ebong akam enyung ekpe ubok eno nnyin, nte  nnyin ibengede mfon Abasi ke isua jubilee emi. Nnyin inam ebenge emi oto Christ Obong nnyin. Amen.                 



Almighty God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we come to you with praise and thanksgiving for your numerous gifts and favours. In times past, you sent missionaries to our land and opened the hearts of some of our ancestors to receive the light of the Gospel. You blessed them with a strong faith in you and your son Jesus Christ. We thank and praise you for their Faith which they generously handed over to our generation.

In your kindness and love you gave us Ikot Ekpene Diocese and for Fifty years you have blessed and sustained us. We thank you for the faith of our numerous men, women and young people. We thank you for the many gifts and talents of our people, the many vocations to the sacred priesthood and consecrated life and for the other favours too numerous to recount.

As we celebrate golden jubilee of the creation of our Diocese, we are equally aware of our weakness and the challenges facing us. We acknowledge the sins we have committed against you and against one another. For these, we humbly ask for your forgiveness. Bless us with sincerity and purity of intentions in our relationship with one another and help us always to seek to do your will. Endow us always with generosity and genuine charity in serving you.

Guide our leaders with your Holy Spirit and bless them with wisdom and strength. In your mercy bless our people and our land with your peace and give success to the work of our hands. Protect with loving kindness our Bishop, our Priests and all our consecrated persons in their efforts to ear witness to Christ in their life and ministry. As we all in Ikot Ekpene Diocese strive to bear witness to you in our various vocations in life, may we in this jubilee year and thereafter e truly reconciled with you and with one another and become light of the world and salt of the earth.

In your mercy and compassion, reward with eternal life all our deceased missionaries, Priests, Religious, Catechists, our brothers and sisters who in their life time served you in this Diocese with sincere hearts. Holy Mary mother of God, the Holy Apostles Philip and James, pray and intercede for us as we implore God’s favour in this jubilee year. We make our prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen.


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